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Lightweight, access on any web browser over HTTPS on 4G

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Environments tailored for exercise types and Syllabus

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Practice a concept in < 15 minutes with ready to use setups

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80+ labs (8+ subjects) with 10+ new exercises added every month

Graded Quizzes

Randomly generated, auto-graded Quizzes for each exercise

Teacher Dashboard

Elaborated dashboard for teacher to monitor student's progress and assign tasks


Telegram Group to engage with fellow learners

Doubt Assist

7 days email support to clear doubts and provide clarifications

Exercise Specific, Dedicated Environments

Made mistakes? No issues, just Restart!

Play exercise in seconds without worrying about:

  • Your Machine's Configuration
  • Your Network Bandwidth
  • Library Compatibility Conflicts
  • Config Mistakes
  • Component Installation & Setup
  • Finding Solution Blogs or Videos

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